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Market leader in its own field for almost 50 years, the company produces a wide range of components mainly for industrial vehicles, focusing on locking systems and components.

Pastore & Lombardi, characterised by an internationally oriented business model, sells its products range in all countries, both directly and through appointed distributors. Our executives staff provide for a permanent business activity all year long, covering also holiday periods.

The sales service office, where several foreign languages are fluently spoken, guarantees all necessary assistance to any customer, or even final user, contacting the company from all over the world.

Our customers, more then 1500 accounts of which around 700 active every year, are daily supplied with the standard products range displayed in our catalogue. Special projects, developed according to customers specifications, complete our offer.

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Pastore & Lombardi was founded at the beginning of the 20th century as a local hardware store. The owners’ interest was immediately drawn by the innovations featuring the early years of the last century, when motorized vehicles production upgraded to the industrial level. The realization of components for those applications became the company’s natural development.

In 1914 the official registration at the Chamber of Commerce underlines the transition from a local shop to a wider oriented well established company.

Italy’s involvement in World War II interrupts the manufacturing activity which starts again in full swing during the years of the postwar industrial growth.

During these years the company passes from the founders (Mr. Pastore and Mr. Lombardi) to their relatives, whose family has been owning and running the activity up to the present days.

From the 60s onwards the company has been developing very quickly. The export share of business increases, also thanks to the bus and cars components supplied to European and Mediterranean countries.

The beginning of the 70s represents another milestone for the company: a new line of components for refrigerated vehicles is designed introducing the use of stainless steel instead of the heavy chromed brass, very popular at that time.

The first productions, such as the first recessed door locks, were committed to a third company belonging to the same owners, specialized in the manufacturing of metal sheet components.

In the 80s the production structure is redesigned in order to match the growing capacity demand, and eventually outsourced to a complex network of selected sub-suppliers located in areas close to Pastore & Lombardi headquarters. This system of production units, all highly specialized in different processes, proved to be essential for the extraordinary wide range of standard and customized products, and still represents one of the keys of the company’s leadership.

The success of these products during the 90’s, together with the growth of the temperature controlled transportation market, lead the company to leave the sectors of cars and buses in order to concentrate on industrial and refrigerated transportation vehicles components, which now represent the core business of the company.


Pastore & Lombardi distributes his products in all main industrial areas around the world. For information about the nearest retailer or agent, please contact us:

TEL: +39 051764111

E-MAIL: sales@pastorelombardi.com

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