Pastore & Lombardi and Hilbe Spa have implemented a specific procedure for the management of Whistleblowing that allows an extensive, anonymous and guaranteed management of reports.
Through this channel, employees or stakeholders can report, in a confidential and protected manner, any potentially illegal facts encountered during their activities carried out within our companies.
Whistleblowing relating to Pastore & Lombardi S.p.A. can be adressed through this link.
Whistleblowing relating to Hilbe S.p.A. can be adressed through this link.

The whistleblowing channel guarantees the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower, the person involved and anyone mentioned in the report, as well as the content of the report itself.
Pastore & Lombardi and Hilbe Spa undertake to follow up on the reports submitted, assuming that they are made in good faith, and guarantee the whistleblowers against any form of retaliation or discrimination.

It is possible to report facts or situations that may constitute unlawful conduct with respect to:
  • EU legislation and national legislation in force;
  • Code of Ethics;
  • Organization, Management and Control Model in compliance to Legislative Decree 231/01;
  • EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR). On the other hand it is not possible to report:

On the other hand it is not possible to report:
  • Facts or situations of a personal nature concerning claims or grievances relating to relations with hierarchical superiors or colleagues, as well as relating to the performance of one's work;
  • Facts based on mere suspicions or rumors relating to personal facts which do not represent a crime.
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